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Our Specialization: Product Development
Markets served include defense / military, search and rescue, fabrication, industrial and commercial products

POLSYS Inc. is committed to provide end-users with reliable and innovative products, designed to meet and exceed safety standards and industry specifications. In practical terms, this means cross-checking standards, consulting with appropriate partners and building on extensive problem-solving experience. POLSYS Inc. clients, both in private and government sectors, benefit from on-ground as well as professional experience with state of the art design tools, engineered materials, testing procedures and industry specific standards and regulations. Our client base is local and international. POLSYS Inc. believes in fostering sustainable relationships within local economy, while maintaining a national presence on the market. As part of our vision, we strive to deliver the best products for Canadian users. We achieve this by collaborating closely with selected partners, valuing local interactions that enable us a direct presence within the subcontractor’s facilities to ensure involvement on each step of the way. Fields of Expertise: - Mechanical Devices POLSYS Inc. possesses a wide portfolio of mechanical devices projects, from design to fabrication, testing and support, such as industrial machinery, inspection and specialized tools, electromechanical devices, and computer-controlled devices. - Safety & Security Devices in particular, POLSYS Inc. specializes in equipment and devices for the safety and security or personnel, be they personal protective systems, lifesaving equipment, search and rescue equipment, or others. Recently we have opened a new branch in Europe - POLSYS EUROPE Inc, which specialize in military and paramilitary personal protective equipment such as tactical and ballistic vests. One of the new products recently launched is BULLFROG Vest.

  • Defense / Military
  • Search and Rescue
  • Industrial Products
  • Commercial Products

Our focus

POLSYS Inc. offers the following services:
Product evaluation, validation and testing

Product prototype and production coordination

Cost analysis and benchmarking

Product proposal and testing

Product specification(s)

Product documentation

New product development

Product modification(s)

Product design using 3D and FEA tools

Product consolidation and integration

Research and documentation

Sample production coordination

Product certification coordination

Product optimization


Created to survive

Bullfrog is born to survive. This is the largest and strongest of toads in North America. It prays during the night. Invisible, it will ambush and eat just about anything. Perfectly camouflaged and wait for pray to pass by. Will aggressively guard its land. Vicious fighter, fast runner and unsinkable swimmer. And this is how we designed our BULLFROG. Build from toughest materials, using NATO standards, ready for attack and defense. Created to survive.

The BULLFROG BVCM01 tactical vest / plate carrier is designed for the civilian market, but has been   made based on standards and materials also used in military and police tactical and ballistic vests. It integrates three functions into one - as a carrier of various types of containers and equipment in the multifunctional PALS / MOLLY system, as a carrier of hard and soft ballistic plates and as a inherently buoyant life vest in the event of a user falling into the water. Its universal dimensions fit comfortably on people from size S up to XXL. Comfort is provided by a 3D distance mesh located on the inside, where the vest meets the user's body. The 3D mesh also removes moisture and hot air, perfectly ventilates the chest and back. The vest is equipped with 6 high-quality fastening buckles, which are made of aluminum and ensures high durability up to 2600 lbs. Easily opening buckles, with aluminum elements or chrome steel are light, there is no plastic parts. The fastening belts have a special system to prevent unwinding; after adjusting the belt to the size of the user's body, the rest that is not used is rolled up and secured against unwinding with a specially designed Velcro band. Shoulder straps are additionally equipped with a layer of soft neoprene foam for greater comfort. Unlike many other vests on the market that only cover a small part of the chest and back, the BULLFROG covers 360 degrees of the upper body for added safety. In addition to the PALS / MOLLY system, the vest has two extra pockets equipped with a waterproof zipper, which can be used to protect the phone or documents against moisture.


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